Last Shoot this year!

Hej Hej!

Have noticed I have a few visitors on my site that's not from Sweden and for some reason (really strange) doesn't know a word of swedish..! If I could decide, you all should know my language since I speak both English and German. But who am I to make that decision? Anyway, I'll do my best to write a few sentenses in English and then I'll see if I'm gonna continue doing it during next year. 

Yesterday I went on a competition on the ground where I practice a lot here in Sweden. It was a combined game shooting FITASC comp. It was the first time for me and I can tell you I was deadly nervous when I arrived to the ground. Firstly since I NEVER practice any rifle (50% of all the points are collected there) so that made my knees shiver!! Secondly I really didn't want to mess up the clays part cause thats where I could get a good score for not being on the Jumbo spot after finishing the shoot! I may have done lousy shooting the rifle (could've been worse but need to improve that!) but did great on the Sporting part with two rounds of 23 and okay on the trap considering the weather. I had a great day meeting lots of new people and I am happy I went trying something else. I DID LEAVE MY COMFORT ZONE FOR SURE!!!

Yesterday's shoot was probably the last shoot of this year. A bit sadly since I've had a great year of shooting but good to get some rest as well. Think I may need that! I have been abroad not less than seven times this year. I have shot all kinds of competitions and I have fulfilled many of my goals set for this season. Can't do nothing but smile about that AND longing for the next one! I have a lot to improve but that's atleast what keeps me shooting year after year. It's a good sport considering you can do it as long as you enjoy it. It doesn't matter if you're 17 or 70 which is pretty awesome!

My plans for next season are almost set. I am definitely going to Czech Republic and Spain, shooting the two major FITASC sporting shoots but I am thinking of Italy and Compact aswell and hopefully a few times to England. No decisions has to be made now but it's good to have something to be longing for during the winter ! I hope to see you all on the shoots anyway cause without you guys I would be bored and not talking or laughing as much as I actually do ;)

A big Thank you to all of you who in any way have supported me or given me a memory for life during this year. You Rock and I'll miss you a lot (swedish winter season sucks) !!

Take Care XX
(PS. I appreciate Comments)

30 sep 2012

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